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New World of Work

Technology is changing the way we work. We help you identify key trends to manage your business and investments better.

Retail Revolution

The retail landscape is changing. Online shopping continues to reshape and capture market share. Read the latest developments and how to survive the retail revolution.

Space Exploration

Read how the latest developments in technology are impacting space exploration and what it means for business and investment.

Demographics - An aging society

Demographics are driving change - find out what it means for business and investment.


Read more on the consequences, history and implications of Quantitative Easing how it's winding down will reshape the economy.

Impact, making Life better

Create your Legacy

Golden Visa

The Portuguese Golden Visa Residence Program is an investment based program which allows you and your family to obtain EU residency. Read more...

Tax Advantage

Pay no or little tax as a Portuguese resident.  Read More...

Investing, made easy.

Step by step guide to choosing the right investment service. Whether you want advice to navigate the complex financial services on offer or whether you simply want to go it alone. Read more...

Quinta Do Lago Club

Beautiful Homes

Money, when you need it.

Invest your money but still have enough to pay for emergencies. Read More...

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New World of Work

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